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Recent immunocytochemical and histofluorescent studies have established the vastness of the serotonergic fibers arising from the raphe complex and projecting to the cerebellar cortex. Ultrastructurally, the indoleaminergic fibers are known to establish synaptic contacts as well as diffuse meandering nonsynaptic terminations near Purkinje cells. The(More)
The San Antonio Nathan Shock Center Conferences have attracted international speakers and participants since 1995. This annual conference, held in Bandera, Texas, addresses a different topic in the biology of aging each year. The venue's intimate setting, relatively remote location and common areas are ideal for a small conference (80Á100 participants)(More)
Head movement is commonly used in communication to express a positive vs. negative response. However, whereas in US culture vertical head movement is associated with positivity (nodding to say ''yes'') and horizontal head movement is associated with negativity (shaking heads to say ''no''), in Bulgaria the traditional response pattern is reversed, i.e.,(More)
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