G. D. Di Marco

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Photosynthetic electron transport drives the carbon reduction cycle, the carbon oxidation cycle, and any alternative electron sinks such as nitrogen reduction. A chlorophyll fluorescence— based method allows estimation of the total electron transport rate while a gas-exchange-based method can provide estimates of the electron transport needed for the carbon(More)
RuBPcarboxylase activity was measured in extracts of barley (Hordeum Vulgare L., cv. HOP) seedlings both with the standard radiometric method and by measuring D-3-phosphoglyceric acid formed enzymically in a two stage assay. In the different conditions used, characterized by different NaHCO3 concentrations, different pH and the presence and absence of(More)
We investigated several photosynthetic parameters of a virescent mutant of durum wheat and of its wild-type. Electron transport rate to ferricyanide was the same in the two genotypes when expressed on leaf area basis while O2 evolution of the leaf tissue in saturating light and CO2 was slightly higher in the yellow genotype. RuBPCase was also slightly(More)
Dynamic mechanical thermal analysis performed on cold-drawn polyethylene terephthalate PET , cold crystallized annealed in the temperature interval 100–140 °C, reveals the presence of marginally glassy domains above the annealing temperature Ta. This suggests that the thermodynamic force driving crystallization causes the structural arrest of some(More)
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