G. D. Cook

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Water and nitrogen (N) interact to influence soil N cycling and plant N acquisition. We studied indices of soil N availability and acquisition by woody plant taxa with distinct nutritional specialisations along a north Australian rainfall gradient from monsoonal savanna (1,600–1,300 mm annual rainfall) to semi-arid woodland (600–250 mm). Aridity resulted in(More)
The number of days on which a measureable increment occurred, and the average rate of stem growth, rather than the overall duration of the wet season, were the main determinants of ring width in young Callitris intratropica trees. These effects were amplified by competition. Dendroclimatology of tropical tree species is an important tool for understanding(More)
Invasive species pose a substantial risk to native biodiversity. As distributions of invasive species shift in response to changes in climate so will management priorities and investment. To develop cost-effective invasive species management strategies into the future it is necessary to understand how species distributions are likely to change over time and(More)
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