G.-D. Andreescu

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This paper describes a variable-speed motion-sensorless permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) control system for wind energy generation. The proposed system contains a PMSG connected to the grid by a back-to-back PWM inverter with bidirectional power flow, a line filter, and a transformer. The control system employs PI current controllers with(More)
This paper proposes and investigates an offline finite-element-method (FEM)-assisted position and speed observer for brushless dc permanent-magnet (PM) (BLDC-PM) motor drive sensorless control based on the line-to-line PM flux linkage estimation. The zero crossing of the line-to-line PM flux linkage occurs right in the middle of two commutation points (CPs)(More)
The Biaxial Excitation Generator for Automobiles (BEGA) is proposed as a solution for integrated starter/alternator systems used in hybrid electric vehicles. This paper demonstrates through experiments and simulations that BEGA has a very large constant power speed range. A vector control structure is proposed for BEGA operation during motoring and(More)
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