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A study group of 160 index patients with isolated esophageal atresia, a control group of 160 matched healthy controls, and the first-degree relatives of patients and controls were examined; epidemiological, family planning, teratological, and genetic data were obtained by personal interview in the study and control groups. One half of the index patients(More)
In this paper we summarize the current state of the development of SYS/3 (SYStematic SYStem Development SYStem), the main features of the system and further research. SYS/3 assists in developing software systems according to a pre-stated standard and assures proper quality of software during its entire life-cycle. A software is considered a set of system(More)
Denote byDT, l-DT, andnd-HOM the class of tree transformations induced by deterministic top-down tree transducers, linear deterministic top-down tree transducers, and nondeleting homomorphism tree transducers, respectively. In this paper the classsl-DT of tree transformations induced by superlinear deterministic top-down tree transducers is considered. Some(More)
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