G. Costantini

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An essential first step in planning a confirmatory or a replication study is to determine the sample size necessary to draw statistically reliable inferences using power analysis. A key problem, however, is that what is available is the sample-size estimate of the effect size, and its use can lead to severely underpowered studies when the effect size is(More)
In this paper a method for symmetry axis detection in binary images is presented. The method exploits the nonlinear dynamic behavior of Cellular Neural Networks (CNNs), in particular the propagation of bipolar waves. The image is represented in polar form, transforming the symmetry with respect to an arbitrarily oriented axis in a vertical symmetry: the(More)
The rectification efficiency of an underdamped ratchet operated in the adiabatic regime increases according to a scaling current-amplitude curve as the damping constant approaches a critical threshold; below threshold the rectified signal becomes extremely irregular and eventually its time average drops to zero. Periodic (locked) and diffusive (fully(More)
Author Notes We thank for their valuable input and stimulating discussions all participants of the EAPP expert meeting on " Situations and Person  Situation Interactions " (in Berlin (Germany). We also wish to thank two anonymous reviewers for their valuable suggestions as well as the editor, Wendy Johnson, for her outstanding support, comments on, and(More)
Since the development of D scores for the Implicit Association Test, few studies have examined whether there is a better scoring method. In this contribution, we tested the effect of four relevant parameters for IAT data that are the treatment of extreme latencies, the error treatment, the method for computing the IAT difference, and the distinction between(More)
The recent interest in network analysis applications in personality psychology and psychopathology has put forward new methodological challenges. Personality and psychopathology networks are typically based on correlation matrices and therefore include both positive and negative edge signs. However, some applications of network analysis disregard negative(More)
Objective: The purpose of this research is to quantitatively compare everyday situational experience around the world. Method: 5447 members of college communities in 20 countries, recruited by local collaborators, provided data via a website in 14 languages. Using the 89 items of the Riverside Situational Q‐ sort (RSQ), participants described the situation(More)
Several neurological disorders are associated with the aggregation of aberrant proteins, often localized in intracellular organelles such as the endoplasmic reticulum. Here we study protein aggregation kinetics by mean-field reactions and three dimensional Monte carlo simulations of diffusion-limited aggregation of linear polymers in a confined space,(More)
We simulated numerically the time evolution of a one-kink bearing, damped elastic string sitting on noiseless periodic substrates of two types: (I) asymmetric, time independent, (II) symmetric, periodically deformable. An asymmetric kink subjected to an ac drive is shown to drift steadily with finite average speed independent of its initial kinetic(More)