G. Cerizza

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We present measurements of the B --> eta(')K branching fractions; for B(+) --> eta(')K(+) we measure also the time-integrated charge asymmetry Alpha(ch), and for B(0) --> eta(')K(0)(S) the time-dependent CP-violation parameters S and C. The data sample corresponds to 232 x 10(6) BB pairs produced by e(+)e(-) annihilation at the Upsilon (4S). The results are(More)
The lifetimes of the first excited 2^{+} and 4^{+} states in ^{72}Ni were measured at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory with the recoil-distance Doppler-shift method, a model-independent probe to obtain the reduced transition probability. Excited states in ^{72}Ni were populated by the one-proton knockout reaction of an intermediate energy(More)
Structure of Sn studied through single-neutron knockout reactions G. Cerizza,1,* A. Ayres,1 K. L. Jones,1 R. Grzywacz,1 A. Bey,1 C. Bingham,1 L. Cartegni,1 D. Miller,1,† S. Padgett,1,‡ T. Baugher,2,§ D. Bazin,2 J. S. Berryman,2 A. Gade,2 S. McDaniel,2 A. Ratkiewicz,2,‡ A. Shore,2 S. R. Stroberg,2,‖ D. Weisshaar,2 K. Wimmer,2,¶ R. Winkler,2 S. D. Pain,3 K.(More)
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