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BACKGROUND Chronic Chlamydia pneumoniae and Helicobacter pylori infections could be a risk factor for ischemic heart disease (IHD), possibly by increasing fibrinogen levels. The aim of our study was to evaluate changes in fibrinogen level in patients with IHD and H pylori and/or C pneumoniae positivity randomly assigned to antibiotic treatment. METHODS(More)
The results of a retrospective review of the conventional radiographs performed on head injury patients are reported. Skull radiography findings were compared with clinical symptoms and CT results, when CT was performed, to investigate the presence of intracranial lesions. The radiographs of 2,285 adult patients of both sexes were evaluated: skull fractures(More)
The biochemical data relating to the physiological distribution of potassium and its regulating factors in the normal human body are explained. Reference is then made to the clinical symptoms and aetiopathogenesis of hypokalaemia. A serious case coupled with flaccid quadriplegia in a 34-yr-old male is presented. Stress is laid on the usefulness of correct(More)
The various types of emergency electrical heart stimulation for the short and medium terms or permanent, are reviewed along with choice criteria. The personal series represting 5 years experience at the Cuneo S. Croce Hospital is reported.
We retrospectively reviewed CT scans of 18 patients (12 males and 6 females; mean age: 43.6 years) with the diagnosis of blunt splenic trauma. All patients underwent CT at different times after the trauma. The cases were divided into 2 groups: according to the time at which the CT was performed, the 1st group consisted of 11 patients scanned within 48 h(More)
Althesin was used on account of its pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties and its high therapeutic index in a search for a narcotic drug displaying minimal interference with metabolic and functional parameters in the aged. Continuous perfusion of the anaesthetic proved an extremely flexible method bearing in mind the varying length of the(More)
Thirty patients of both sexes (15 males and 15 females) with chronic renal failure who had under gone hemodialysis for 2-184 months (mean 45.1 months) were examined with conventional radiographs of the cervical spine and thin-layer CT of C4-C5-C6 to evaluate the radiographic patterns of destructive spondyloarthropathy. The radiographic patterns obtained(More)
In this paper the authors report on a new technique--percutaneous transluminal laser angioplasty (PLR) which was performed on 9 patients with iliac and/or femoro-popliteal artery occlusion. All patients were males (mean age: 64.5 years) and had arterial occlusion (mean length: cm 12.5). PLR was performed with an argon laser (max power: 16 Watts). In 8 out(More)