G Celasco

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A small dose of apomorphine (25 or 50 micrograms/kg, SC) induced repeated episodes of yawning, penile erection, genital grooming and a decrease in locomotor activity in rats. Hypophysectomy almost completely abolished yawning, penile erection and genital abolished yawning, penile erection and genital grooming but failed to modify the hypomotility induced by(More)
The effects of microelectrophoretic application of hydrocortisone (HC) and corticosterone (CS) on single neurones of the brainstem reticular formation (RF) were investigated in rats under urethane anaesthesia. Ejecting currents generally ranged from 5 to 20nA. HC and CS behaved similarly in that they produced an excitatory effect in 26% and 24% of the(More)
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