G Cedilnik

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The optically generated joint Fourier transform (JFT) of a test image and a reference image is processed using a new method: the JFT is recorded twice. In the second recording the reference image is phase shifted by π with respect to the first recording. The two JFT's are subtracted and binarized with a threshold of zero. Strong correlation peaks are(More)
We present a real-time holographic interferometer for which two reference waves of different phases are created by two-wave mixing with a stationary signal wave in a photorefractive crystal. These waves are reconstructions of the stationary signal wave and interfere with the momentary (changing) signal wave in the manner of a holographic real-time(More)
We show theoretically and experimentally that switching an applied square-wave field produces strong and short pulses of the outgoing signal during two-wave mixing in sillenite crystals. These pulses originate from the strong effect of the field on the optical eigenmodes and can be used in new optical schemes based on time-separated recording and readout(More)
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