G. Cauchon

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The field of three-dimensional multi-modal X-ray nanoimaging relies not only on high-brilliance X-rays but also on high-precision mechanics and position metrology. Currently available state-of-the-art linear and rotary drives can provide 3D position accuracy within tens to hundreds of nm, which is often insufficient for high resolution imaging with(More)
We present what we believe to be the first automatic alignment of a synchrotron beamline by the Hartmann technique. Experiments were performed, in the soft-x-ray range (E=3 keV, lambda=0.414 nm), by using a four-actuator Kirkpatrick-Baez (KB) active optic. A system imaging the KB focal spot and a soft-x-ray Hartmann wavefront sensor were used alternatively(More)
The development of third-generation synchrotron sources has stimulated efforts toward high-resolution monochromators. A good knowledge of grating efficiency is needed to achieve an optimal compromise between resolution and photon flux. Because simple geometric models fail to describe correctly the gratings properties in the UVtosoft-X-ray range, we have(More)
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