G. Castillo-Cabrera

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The object the present work is to present a model for a retinal prosthesis. The translation of an algorithm on the standard technology of silicon sets a trade off between accurate of model and feasibility to implementation. That is, a high accurately of the model, normally results in more complexity, and therefore minus feasibly its implementation in(More)
The main application of optical devices is image processing which is a research field still in study for a wide variety of applications, such as video digital cameras for entertainment use, pattern recognition based in artificial neural networks, real time object tracking, clinical uses for repair by stimulation parts of visual system and artificial vision(More)
Here, a characterization methodology for integrated silicon-based photo-devices is presented. Devices are phototransistors (“P+/N-Well/P-substrate”) and photodiodes (“N-Well/P-substrate”) with similar sizes, (9µm×9µm). They were integrated in a 1.5µm CMOS technology through MOSIS. Through these(More)
An analog architecture of optic signal processing is presented in this work, with the goal to emulate one of the much processes involved in a biological retina. Here we have considered that the receptive field is the main unit of processing in the visual system. So, the proposed architecture tries to give partial solution to the properties of a receptive(More)
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