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The 45,X karyotype is usually associated with Turner syndrome, while male phenotype is exceptional. The authors report a 45,X male patient with normal external genitalia and sex behavior, but who was azoospermic. He had a normally developed musculature and pilose distribution, testicular volume of 15 mL and no gynecomastia but clinical stigmata of Turner(More)
A girl with Wiedemann-Rautenstrauch syndrome was born to a non-consanguineous couple. During the pregnancy, growth retardation particularly in the biparietal and abdominal diameters but not the femoral length was detected through serial ultrasound scans. When the woman became pregnant again, in spite of having been assessed as having a 25% risk of(More)
Prenatal diagnosis was performed in a woman whose previous pregnancy resulted in a girl with probable Down syndrome who died soon after delivery. The mother was found to be a carrier of a reciprocal balanced translocation between chromosomes 21 and 22, and the fetus was found to have an unbalanced translocation involving chromosomes 21 and 22: 46,XX, -22,(More)
The clinical genetics and hormonal status of the 46,XX male is well determined. This is a rare condition that affects one out 20,000 male births. This study evaluates 5 infertile patients with no abnormalities in sex definition in whom we noted variants in their phenotype, like small penis, hypospadias, cryptorchidism, flat scrotum, and in some of them(More)
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