G Carrozza

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We investigated involvement of the peripheral nervous system in 6 patients with amyotrophic chorea-acanthocytosis. Electromyographic and neurographic findings, and pathological changes as demonstrated by examination of biopsy specimens of muscle and sural nerve indicate that most patients had an axonal sensorimotor polyneuropathy with more pronounced(More)
A man who was using 9-alpha-fluoroprednisolone-containing nasal spray preparation for allergic rhinitis developed a pseudohyperaldosteronism and an acute hypokalemic myopathy. Muscle biopsy changes included variation in fiber size with preserved type 2a fibers, necrosis, phagocytosis and regeneration. This factitious mineralocorticoid excess syndrome,(More)
A case of sporadic adult-onset centronuclear myopathy is presented. EMG was myopathic and nerve conduction study entirely normal. Single-fiber electromyography showed a normal percentage of potential pairs with abnormal jitter, slightly increased mean jitter value, no blocking and normal fiber density. Somatosensory and motor evoked potentials were within(More)
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