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A recent two-parameter fatigue model, aimed at the prediction of the fatigue behaviour of composite materials, was applied to fatigue results available in the literature, concerning graphite/epoxy laminates subjected to tension-compression loadings. It was found that the model, successfully applied in the case of tension-tension and compression-compression(More)
The survey and deep knowledge of cultural heritage and of its conservation state contribute to the definition of environmental sustainability criteria since the preservation of the cultural heritage is one of the fundamental aspects of this concept. In order to monitor the conservation state of a cultural heritage, it is necessary to acquire a series of(More)
The difficulty in the prediction of the initiation and propagation of the failure modes in the CFRP laminates under mechanical loads, is already well known. It is related to the lack of transparency of the materials that does not allow the inner damage evaluation by simple visual inspections. On the other hand, since the growing interest in the composite(More)
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