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Studies have highlighted the association between insulin resistance (IR) and several cardiovascular (CV) risk factors, including hypertension (HTN), obesity, dyslipidemia (i.e. high triglyceride and low HDL-cholesterol) and glucose intolerance, in a cluster known as the metabolic syndrome (MS). There are few data on the frequency of the MS and dyslipidemia(More)
Evaluating precisely the temporal variations of lesion volumes is very important for at least three types of practical applications: pharmaceutical trials, decision making for drug treatment or surgery, and patient follow-up. In this paper we present a volumetric analysis technique, combining precise rigid registration of three-dimensional (3-D)(More)
This article presents a technique to automatically measure changes in the volume of a structure of interest in successive 3D magnetic resonance (MR) images and its application in the study of the brain and lateral cerebral ventricles. The only manual step is a segmentation of the structure of interest in the first image. The analysis comprises, first,(More)
The functional status of the sympathetic nervous system in Chagas' heart disease is still the subject of intense controversy. To determine the nature of the abnormalities of the sympathetic nervous system, we measured the plasma norepinephrine concentration of chagasic patients with varying degrees of myocardial damage. Thirty-six patients with positive(More)
The motion of the vestibulo-cochlear nerve (VCN) was quantified at the level of the cerebello-pontine angle in 28 healthy volunteers enrolled in a prospective study performed on a 3T MRI scanner. A phase contrast MRI (PCMRI) sequence was used. The VCN was divided into a cisternal part and a meatic part, both of which were measured for motion in the(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of arterial hypertension (HT) awareness and the influence of age, sex and body mass index on the degree of control of HT in the population of Maracaibo, State of Zulia, Venezuela. It included 7424 subjects, 3640 males (M) and 3784 females (F). Information was collected through domiciliary visits with(More)
In order to characterize components of the metabolic syndrome (MS) in Venezuelan black Hispanics and compare these metabolic abnormalities with those found in the predominant mixed Hispanic population, 2336 mixed Hispanics (69% women) and 281 black Hispanics (60% women), aged 20-78 years, without prior history of diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease were(More)
To analyze the nutritional and metabolic risk factors for Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) present in a group of people in the city of Maracaibo a study was performed with 209 volunteers (145 women and 64 men) between 20 and 89 years of age who underwent: a) Anthropometric Evaluation: Body Mass Index (BMI) and Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR) and Physical Examination:(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of arterial hypertension (H) and its distribution according to gender, age group, body mass index (BMI) in the population of Maracaibo, Venezuela. 7.424 subjects were included, 3.640 males (M) and 3.784 females (F). Information was collected by means of domiciliary visits with a History and Physical(More)
This study examines the basal insulin levels in a population from Zulia state (Venezuela). A total of 1703 subjects (1175 women and 528 men) from five different sanitary regions (Maracaibo, La Guajira, Perijá, Sur del Lago de Maracaibo, y Costa Oriental del Lago de Maracaibo) were studied. Weight, height, waist and hip circumferences, and blood pressure(More)