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We demonstrate the first programmable group-delay module based on polarization switching. With a unique binary tuning mechanism, the device can generate any differential group delay value from 45 to+45 ps with a resolution of 1.40 ps, or any true-time-delay value from 0 to 45 ps with a resolution of 0.7 ps. The delay varying speeds for both applications are(More)
(R)-4-Methyl-1-nonanol, the sex pheromone of the yellow mealworn (Tenebrio molitor L.), was synthesized with high stereoselectivity using (S)-4-benzyloxazolidinone as chiral auxiliary. The stereoselective synthesis was achieved by asymmetric Michael addition of organocopper reagent to N-crotoyloxazolidinone, and the target product was obtained in an overall(More)
The asymmetric synthesis of (S)-2-sec-butyl-4,5-dihydrothiazole, one of the pheromone components of the male mouse, Mus musculus, has been achieved by induction of chirality through stereoselective alkylation reaction using non-cross-linked polystyrene (NCPS) supported 2-phenylimino-2-oxazolidine as a chiral auxiliary. This method is efficient, and the(More)
(S)-6-Methyl-3-octanone, a component of the alarm pheromone of Grematogaster ants, was synthesized through a key step of stereoselective Michael addition reaction using (4S)-4-benzyloxazolidinone as chiral auxiliary. The target product was obtained with an overall yield of 43.0% over six steps in high enantiomeric purity.
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