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Individuals with developmental prosopagnosia exhibit severe and lasting difficulties in recognizing faces despite the absence of apparent brain abnormalities. We used voxel-based morphometry to investigate whether developmental prosopagnosics show subtle neuroanatomical differences from controls. An analysis based on segmentation of T1-weighted images from(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of neurodegenerative diseases is likely to be most beneficial in the very early, possibly preclinical stages of degeneration. We explored the usefulness of fully automatic structural MRI classification methods for detecting subtle degenerative change. The availability of a definitive genetic test for Huntington disease (HD) provides an(More)
This research presents an experimental study on the comparisons of two different structured conflict generation approaches, Devil’s Advocacy (DA) and Dialectical Inquiry (DI), in a Decision Conferencing environment (a kind of non-networked GDSS). The study uses Consensus (C) as the control. The main objectives were to investigate the development, management(More)
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