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This paper discusses normalization of relations when the candidate keys of a relation have missing information represented by nulls. The paper shows that when the missing information is of the type " not applicable " or " does not exist, " problems and confusion can arise in normalizing relations. Candidate keys with missing information commonly are found(More)
Over the last 8000 years the Fertile Crescent of the Near East has seen the emergence of urban agglomerations, small scale polities and large territorial empires, all of which had profound effects on settlement patterns. Computational approaches, including the use of remote sensing data, allow us to analyse these changes at unprecedented geographical and(More)
The following text was incorrectly omitted from the Acknowledgments: Our co-author Tony J. Wilkinson passed away during the latter stages of preparing this paper. Tony's work transformed landscape archaeology in the Middle East, and he will also be remembered by those who knew him as an unfailingly kind and generous colleague, teacher and friend. We(More)
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