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Previous results suggest that the crosstalk produced by the fiber nonlinearity in a WDM system imposes a severe limit to the capacity of optical fiber channels, since the interference power increases faster than the signal power, thereby limiting the maximum achievable signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR). We study this system in the weakly(More)
We report a novel geometry for coupling a laser-diode array to an external cavity that produces a diffractively stabilized lasing wavelength separation between elements of the array. The geometry allows for control of the wavelengths and wavelength spacing and provides single-knob tuning of all the wavelengths while maintaining a nearly constant wavelength(More)
The design and operation of InGaAs-GaAs-AIGaAs asymmetric cladding ridge wavegnide distributed Bragg reflector lasers is presented. Targeted for the remote sensing of water vapor with absorption lines in the A ~ 930 nm _x.g{on, these devices operate CW with threshold currents as low as 11 mA and slope efficiencies as high as 0.37 W/A. They also operate with(More)
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