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A general and systematic comparison of eight compensation schemes in the inductive power transfer system (IPTS) of single magnetic coupling and two capacitors is proposed in this paper. The characteristics of series-series (SS), series-parallel (SP), parallel-series (PS), and parallel-parallel (PP) compensation schemes for a voltage source or a current(More)
An ultraslim S-type power supply rail, which has a width of only 4 cm, for roadway-powered electric vehicles (RPEVs) is proposed in this paper. The cross section of the core has a thin S-shape, and a vertically-wound multiturn coil is displaced inside the core. In this way, the most slim power supply rail is designed, which is crucial for the(More)
New passive LED drivers that can reduce the total harmonic distortion (THD) significantly by LC parallel resonance are proposed. Using an inductor and three capacitors, called LC<sup>3</sup>, novel characteristics, such as high power efficiency and power factor (PF) with extremely long life time are achieved. The proposed LED drivers have a(More)
Multiple dipole receiving (Rx) coils, which are applicable to ubiquitous mobile device charging applications, are newly proposed in this paper. By using the proposed Rx coils, any mobile devices equipped with the proposed Rx coil can be freely charged regardless of direction anywhere and at any time in wireless power zone, where a uniformly distributed(More)
  • Andrew A.O.Tay, Stephen Y. M.Wan, G. C. Lim
  • 2004
This paper presents the design, realization and simulation of a novel polymer based check-valve micropump actuated by piezoelectric disc. Comparing with silicon substrate, polymer materials have such advantages as flexibility, chemical and biological compatibility, 3D fabrication possibility and low cost in materials and mass production. Laser(More)
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