G C González

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Urotensin I (UI) and urotensin II (UII) were demonstrated in the cerebral ganglia of Aplysia californica by applying immunocytochemical and radioimmunoassay procedures. Sequential analysis of adjacent sections of the cerebral ganglia of Aplysia demonstrated that the UI-immunoreactive (UI-IR) neurons of the F cluster of the cerebral ganglia also contained(More)
Chromatographic and immunological evidence indicates that a vasopressin-like peptide might be present in the CNS of Aplysia californica, and that this peptide may be involved in modulating the behaviour of the gill. Immunocytochemical techniques using antisera raised against various vasopressin-like peptides were used to localize the sites containing these(More)
The sturgeon is a primitive actinopterigian fish that, unlike modern teleosts, possess a portal vascular system that connects a true median eminence with the anterior pituitary as in mammals. The occurrence and localization of corticotropin and corticotropin releasing factor-like immunoreactivies were examined in the brain of the sturgeon (Acipenser(More)
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