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A 53-year-old woman with assimilation of the atlas to the occiput presented with paraesthesiae in the right half of her tongue and ipsilateral neck pain aggravated by head turning. After being intermittent for several years, the symptoms eventually became persistent and increasingly incapacitating. At operation, the C2 spinal nerves were found to be(More)
The pediatric patient with sickle cell disease risks having a vasoocclusive episode during adenotonsillectomy under general anesthesia. With proper patient selection and appropriate perioperative management, adenotonsillectomy can be accomplished safely in children with sickle cell disease. We review the management of 10 children with sickle(More)
Common causes of chronic upper gastrointestinal bleeding include oesophageal varices, gastroduodenal ulcers and malignancy, and patients mostly present with iron deficiency type anaemia. We present the case of a 60-year-old lady who presented with iron deficiency anaemia and on investigation was found to have a large duodenal polyp requiring surgical(More)
Postweaning development was monitored in domesticated rabbits reared in single- or mixed-sex groups at a commercial farm. The results suggest that sex composition of cage groups had no significant effect on weight gain, feed intake or mortality rates from weaning (35 days) to marketing (93 days). On sacrifice at 93 days, females from single- and mixed-sex(More)