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Resource Reservation is an effective technique for allocating CPU time to concurrent real-time applications running on a uniprocessor system. The most important advantage of reservation-based CPU allocation is that it enforces temporal isolation, thus ensuring that the behaviour of each application will not depend on the temporal requirement of the others.(More)
Given a bounded open subset Ω of R d and two positive weight functions f and g, the Cheeger sets of Ω are the subdomains C of finite perimeter of Ω that maximize the ratio C f (x) dx ∂ * C g(x) dH d−1. Existence of Cheeger sets is a well-known fact. Uniqueness is a more delicate issue and is not true in general (although it holds when Ω is convex and f ≡ g(More)
Based on recent advances in control theory, we propose the notion of jitter margin for periodic control tasks. The jitter margin is defined as a function of the amount of constant delay in the control loop, and it describes how much additional time-varying delay can be tolerated before the loop goes unstable. Combined with scheduling theory, the jitter(More)
Dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) is a technique used in modern microprocessors operated by battery to set voltage and frequency levels at proper values that meet performance requirements while minimizing energy consumption. Most of the present work on DVS management, however, is based on simplistic assumptions about the hardware characteristics that limit the(More)
In many application fields, such as surveillance, monitoring, exploration, and rescuing, the use of multiple coordinated robot units seems to be the most convenient solution, in terms of costs, performance, and efficiency. In this paper we present a distributed real-time architecture for coordinating a set of mobile robot that have to operate according to a(More)
The term " control theory " refers to the body of results-theoretical, numerical and algorithmic-which have been developed to influence the evolution of the state of a given system in order to meet a prescribed performance criterion. Systems of interest to control theory may be of very different natures. Features 7 Self-contained: the book can be used by(More)
Given the probability measure ν over the given region Ω ⊂ R n , we consider the optimal location of a set Σ composed by n points Ω in order to minimize the average distance Σ → R Ω dist (x, Σ) dν (the classical optimal facility location problem). The paper compares two strategies to find optimal configurations: the long-term one which consists in placing(More)