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We have assessed whether an epidural steroid injection is effective in the treatment of symptoms due to compression of a nerve root in the lumbar spine by carrying out a prospective, randomised, controlled trial in which patients received either an epidural steroid injection or an intramuscular injection of local anaesthetic and steroid. We assessed a total(More)
Helically corrugated waveguides have recently been studied for use in various applications such as interaction regions in gyrotron traveling-wave tubes and gyrotron backward-wave oscillators and as a dispersive medium for passive microwave pulse compression. The paper presents a summary of various methods that can be used for analysis of the wave dispersion(More)
A new method to generate ultrahigh-power microwave pulses compatible with mildly relativistic electron sources is proposed. This method involves a novel microwave compressor in the form of a metal helically corrugated waveguide, which can enhance the power of frequency-modulated nanosecond pulses up to the multigigawatt level. The results of the(More)
The best estimate of risk to a population group resulting from internal exposure to a particular radionuclide can be used to assess the reliability of the appropriate International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) dose coefficient (E⁵⁰) for the specified exposure pathway. An estimate of the uncertainty on the risk is important for reliability(More)
BACKGROUND Using commercial computer graphics software (TrueSpace), we constructed a virtual-reality model for teaching interscalene brachial plexus block. This tool combines the clarity of schematic drawings and the clinical relevance of video clips and live demonstrations. The aim is to accelerate learning and aid retention of relevant information. (More)
Continuous analysis of oxygen and carbon dioxide tension in the blood phase, over periods of 4-5 h, was carried out in the pulmonary artery (93 determinations in six anesthetized dogs) and in the aorta (29 determinations in four anaesthetized dogs). Silastic-covered stainless steel catheters attached to a mass spectrometer were used. The mass spectrometer(More)
The effects of metoprolol 1 mg kg-1 i.v. on the systemic and coronary circulations and on myocardial performance were studied in nine open-chested dogs ventilated with halothane 0.8% in oxygen at normocarbia. In terms of the chronotropic effect, this dose of metoprolol produced a substantial shift to the right of the dose-response curve to isoprenaline;(More)
There has been a drive in recent years to produce ultra-high power short microwave pulses f or a range of applications. These hig h power pulses can be produced by microwave pulse com pression. Sweepfrequency based microwave pulse co mpression using smooth bore hollow waveguides is one technique of passive pulse compression, however at very high pow ers(More)
A key aspect of strategy is sense-making of the unfolding uncertainty in the business environment and responding appropriately to achieve organisational objectives. However, uncertainty means that there is more than one future open to an organisation. Sense-making is therefore problematic. Scenario planning is one approach to sense-making that helps to(More)
Crab cavities have been proposed for a wide number of accelerators and interest in crab cavities has recently increased after the successful operation of a pair of crab cavities in KEK-B. In particular crab cavities are required for both the ILC and CLIC linear colliders for bunch alignment. Consideration of bunch structure and size constraints favour a 3.9(More)