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Questionnaires are indispensable tools in epidemiologic studies and clinical surveys. Many questionnaires focusing on sleep disorders have been described in the literature. This cross-sectional study is aimed to assess the consistency and reliability of the Brazilian Portuguese Version of the Mini-Sleep Questionnaire (MSQ-BR). Self-administered(More)
The feasibility of in vitro mature mouse hepatocyte labeling with a novel iron oxide particle was assessed and the ability of 1.5-T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to track labeled mouse hepatocytes in syngenic recipient livers following intraportal cell transplantation was tested. Mouse hepatocytes were incubated with anionic iron oxide nanoparticles at(More)
The beta-blocker DL-1-(2-nitro-3-methylphenoxy)-3-tert-butylaminopropan-2-ol (ZAMI 1305), hepatocarcinogenic to the female rat, and the non-oncogenic beta-blockers DL-1-(2-nitro-5-methylphenoxy)-3-tert-butylaminopropan-2-ol (ZAMI 1327), DL-propranolol, and DL-atenolol were studied for their capacity to interfere with hepatic DNA and RNA synthesis. These(More)
Sleep disorders are very common in the young, being a result of the typical lifestyle lived by young people or a sleep disease that requires assistance and treatment. Furthermore, according to previous findings, sleep alterations can favor the development of depressive mood disorder. This survey aimed to assess the prevalence and characteristics of sleep(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence, characteristics and impact of headache among university students. METHOD The criteria established by the International Headache Society were used to define the primary headache subtypes and the Migraine Disability Assessment Questionnaire (MIDAS), to assess the disability. The students were then grouped into six(More)
A class of parameterized boolean, one-dimensional, bi-infinite cellular autom at a has been st udied and t heir behavior observed when some param eters of t he local function are cha nged. T hese aut omata are equivalent to a par ticular class of boolean neur al networks and t he change in t he paramet ers corres ponds to a change in t he symmetricity of t(More)
Some studies have demonstrated that physiotherapists have a high prevalence of low back pain (LBP). The association between physiotherapy students, who are potentially exposed to the same LBP occupational risks as graduates, and LBP has never been demonstrated. The objective of the study is to evaluate the association between undergraduate physiotherapy(More)
Aluminum Chloride Phthalocyanine (AlPcCl) can be used as a photosensitizer (PS) for Photodynamic Inactivation of Microorganisms (PDI). The AlPcCl showed favorable characteristics for PDI due to high quantum yield of singlet oxygen (ΦΔ ) and photostability. Physicochemical properties and photodynamic inactivation of AlPcCl incorporated in polymeric micelles(More)
OBJECTIVE To verify the association between depression and headache in young adults, as well as to identify the features of headache associated with depression and the influence of this mood disorder on headache-related disability. METHODS A cross-sectional study with self-administered questionnaires about headache and depression was conducted at the(More)