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A prospective clinical trial was designed to evaluate efficacy, toxicity, and patient compliance of concomitant postoperative radiotherapy and Cisplatin infusion in patients with Stage III or IV S.C.C. of the head and neck and histological evidence of extra-capsular spread of tumor in lymph node metastase(s). Cisplatin 50 mg IV with forced hydration was(More)
In order to get a better knowledge on respiratory illnesses of children in Toulouse, and to evaluate the influence of air pollution, 1,000 children between 8 and 11 years of age, living in five different areas of the city were observed during one year (March 1985-March 1986), together with the measure of twenty pollutants. A questionnaire was used to assess(More)
A phase I and a pharmacokinetic study of 96-h infusions of doxorubicin were performed in order to evaluate the maximum tolerated dose with this schedule of administration. Seventeen patients suffering from a digestive carcinoma were included in the study and a total of 71 courses of treatment were performed. The starting dose was 15 mg/m2/day and was(More)
Retrospective analysis of detailed patient and tumour factors associated with a complete response to combination inductive chemotherapy with CDDP-5FU (96 or 120 hour continuous infusion) was performed using data from 147 patients with a previously untreated squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity, oropharynx or pharyngo-larynx following completion of two(More)
Two hundred and nineteen patients admitted to the Centre Claudius Regaud over a 14-year period for a stage I cutaneous malignant melanoma were retrospectively evaluated for loco-regional recurrence rates, risk factors and survival rates following wide primary excision. Five and 8 year survival rates corrected for deaths owing to concurrent illness were 77%(More)
We describe a retrospective and comparative assessment of the medical care of breast cancer among women in a French comprehensive cancer center, the Centre Claudius Regaud. There was no significant difference for the clinical results between two cohorts of women, treated in 1975 and 1985 respectively, for equivalent stages of disease. The overall increase(More)
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