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BACKGROUND Ultrasound-guided thermal laser ablation (LA) is a nonsurgical technique that has been proposed, but not fully assessed, for papillary thyroid microcarcinoma (PTMC) treatment. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the clinical feasibility of LA on PTMC as a primary treatment and to prove histologically the absence of residual viable tumor(More)
We studied 58 patients, age 59±13 years, 52% males, with renal disease duration 9.7±6.7 years and haemodialysis (HD) duration 5.2±4.4 years. Digital ECGs were recorded before and after HD. Serum electrolytes (potassium-K, sodium-Na, phosphorus-Ph and calcium-Ca), urea and creatinine levels were evaluated. Percentage change of the above(More)
Fuzzy sets have been used successfully in order to deal with imprecise data, linguistic terms or not well-defined concepts. Recently, considerable effort has been made in the direction of combining the neural network approach with fuzzy sets. In this paper a fuzzy feed-forward neural network, able to process trapezoidal fuzzy sets, has been investigated.(More)
A molecular model for the control of cell size has been developed. It is based on two molecules, one (I) acts as an inhibitor of the entrance into S phase, and it is synthetised just after cell separation in a fixed amount per nucleus. The other (A) is an activator of the S phase, and it is synthetised at a ratio proportional to the overall protein(More)
ECG recordings of coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery patients have been collected: number of patients 20 (men 95%, age 64.4±8.4), records duration 10-15 minutes. The number of bypasses for each individual is from 1 to 4 (40% of the patients are with 4). ECG recordings are pre- and post-surgery, from 2 to 10 days after intervention. All(More)
ECGs of 59 patients undergoing hemodialysis (HD): 52% males, age 59±13 years, renal disease duration 9.7±6.7 years, hemodialysis duration 5.2±4.4 years were recorded. Serum electrolytes (potassium-K, sodium-Na, phosphorus-Ph and calcium-Ca), urea and creatinine levels were evaluated before and after HD. ECG analysis on an average(More)
Microvolt 2:1 T wave alternans (TWA) and increased beat-to-beat repolarization variability have been reported in Brugada syndrome (BS) and could be related to increased arrhythmic risk. We hypothesized that among patients (pts) with suspected BS, those with positive diagnostic ajmaline test (i.e. likely carriers of BS mutations) have greater TWA or(More)
The aim of the study is to investigate whether and how QRS-complex and T-wave heterogeneity is influenced by different cardiac risk factors and clinical data. Digital ECG during stress test was acquired in 106 patients (age 63&#x00B1;10 years, 45 males). Two indices obtained by Principal Component Analysis (PCA): complexity (PCA<sub>1</sub>) and non-linear(More)