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-Some results concerning the constrained receding horizon formulation with infinite and truncated prediction horizon are presented. In this formulation a distinction is made between prediction and control horizons. The main result is a generalization of a known fact for linear systems, namely that, under certain technical requirements, the asymptotic(More)
A condition is presented for the existence and the uniqueness of a global minimal analytic realization of a nonlinear analytic input-output mapping, when the latter is defined on an open subset of the semigroup of the inputs defined for positive times. The state space of this realization is exhibited as a quotient space of a Riemann surface on a Lie group.
The main result is relative to the quotient of a manifold M by a closed discrete equivalence relation when the First homotopy group of M has no infinite order element. As a direct consequence of the main theorem, the existence and uniqueness of minimal realizations is proved for a class of C¿ completely controllable weakly observable systems. This extends :(More)
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