G. Boese

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  • Regenerative Medizin, Martin R Siegert, Matthias Heuchel, Dieter Hofmann, W Li, C Nesselmann +34 others
  • 2008
A generalized Direct-Particle-Deletion Scheme for the calculation of chemical potential and solubilities of small and medium sized penetrants in amorphous polymers, Preparation of aminated microfiltration membranes by degradable functionalization using plain PEI membranes with various morphologies J. A lattice-fluid model for the determination of the(More)
Preparation of novel Composite membranes: Reactive coating on microporous poly (ether imide) support membranes. Development of highly porous microparticles from poly(ether imide) prepared by a spraying/ coagulation process. Initiation of shape-memory effect by inductive heating of magnetic nanoparticles in thermoplastic polymers. stem cells utilize reactive(More)
Free-running activity rhythms of nine green finches (Carduelis chloris) were studied under the influence of a 10-Hz square-wave electrical field. With a field strength of magnitude of E = 2.5 V/m in the empty cage, the population had a mean period of 23.64 +/- 0.77 hr. In the same experiment, but without the electrical field, the period was 23.66 +/- 0.80(More)
Three stages of macular degeneration associated with diffuse cone-rod dystrophy have been described in a Guinea baboon (P papio) colony. Clinically, the affected animals displayed abnormal behavior associated with decreased vision. Ophthalmoscopically, the lesion in the macula was the only change observable in early cases; retinal vessel attenuation and(More)
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