G. Blondel

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The paper is about a so-called ”diffusive representation”, a new modeling dynamic systems method and its application to efficient transient thermal modeling of multichip power module taking into account thermal coupling effects. Compact thermal models are required for many analyses during the design of power systems. Generally a RC-ladder(More)
The Direct-Lead-Bonding (DLB) interconnection appears to be a promising technology for power-module (PM). Nevertheless, the absence of wire-fuse-effect in case of extreme failure, compared to classical wire-bonding, leads authors to rethink fail-safe and fault-tolerant strategies for critical converter. Therefore, this paper will provide a comparative study(More)
The capability of 20V trench power MOSFETs to withstand high current repetitive avalanche events has been investigated. Automotive standard 20V BVdss rated MOSFETs with active area of 21mm<sup>2</sup> have been successfully subjected with up to 300 million 59&#x00B5;s duration avalanche events at peak currents up to 135A whilst held at an average junction(More)
A novel non-destructive and non-contacting technique for the local temperature measurement of heat spot in electronic component is presented. Highly-sensitive lock-in near infrared (NIR) thermography is used to localize the heat spot induced temperature variations down to 10<sup>-1</sup>&#x00B0;C at a lateral resolution down to 3 &#x03BC;m. Speedy(More)
The paper deals with the thermal behavior for paralleled MOSFET's module during accelerated cycling burn-in test in harsh ambient and current conditions. The aim of the work is to optimize the key parameters acting on the self-heating in order to avoid undesirable failures resulting from overheating. An electro-thermal model is developed to simulate the(More)
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