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A novel theoretical approach to magnetization dynamics driven by spin-polarized currents is presented. Complete stability diagrams are obtained for the case where spin torques and external magnetic fields are simultaneously present. Quantitative predictions are made for the critical currents and fields inducing magnetization switching, for the amplitude and(More)
Exact analytical results are presented for the nonlinear large motion of the magnetization vector in a body with uniaxial symmetry subject to a circularly polarized field. The absence of chaos, the existence of pure time-harmonic magnetization modes with no generation of higher-order harmonics, and the existence of quasiperiodic magnetization modes with(More)
A single-domain nanomagnet is a basic example of a system where relaxation from high to low energy is probabilistic in nature even when thermal fluctuations are neglected. The reason is the presence of multiple stable states combined with extreme sensitivity to initial conditions. It is demonstrated that for this system the probability of relaxing from high(More)
A general formulation of scalar hysteresis is proposed. This formulation is based on two steps. First, a generating function g(x) is associated with an individual system, and a hysteresis evolution operator is defined by an appropriate envelope construction applied to g(x), inspired by the overdamped dynamics of systems evolving in multistable free-energy(More)
The magnetization process in soft amorphous alloys is dominated by microstructural disorder (random local anisotropies, surface roughness, etc.) and exhibits an inherent complexity which makes difficult and questionable the application of simplified magnetization models based on independent domain wall motion or coherent magnetization rotation [ 11. In(More)
The stability of large magnetization motions in systems with uniaxial symmetry subject to a circularly polarized radio-frequency field is analytically studied. Instability conditions valid for arbitrary values of the amplitude and frequency of the driving field are derived. In the limit of small motions, these conditions yield Suhl's theory of spin-wave(More)
The conditions under which relaxation dynamics in the presence of quenched-in disorder lead to rate-independent hysteresis are discussed. The calculation of average hysteresis branches is reduced to the solution of the level-crossing problem for the stochastic field describing quenched-in disorder. Closed analytical solutions are derived for the case where(More)
It is rigorously demonstrated that spatially uniform magnetization oscillations in sufficiently small ellipsoidal nanoparticles can be unconditionally stable with respect to spatially nonuniform perturbations. The proof reveals the dominant stabilizing effect of exchange field which is mathematically manifested through the Poincare inequality.