G. Bedard

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Numerous randomized controlled trials and meta-analyses have affirmed that single and multiple fractions of radiotherapy provide equally efficacious outcomes in the palliation of painful, uncomplicated bone metastases (UBM). We aim to determine geographic, temporal and ancillary factors that influence the global patterns of practice(More)
INTRODUCTION Breakthrough cancer pain is defined as a transient exacerbation of pain that occurs spontaneously or in response to a trigger, despite stable and controlled background pain. Breakthrough pain often causes significant functional impairments for patients and can decrease quality of life. OBJECTIVE The objective of the study was to determine(More)
Exposure to swine confinement buildings has a negative impact on respiratory health. A short exposure to this environment results in an acute airway inflammatory response. The present study was performed to confirm and further define the acute effects of working in a swine building, and to determine whether these effects are reproducible. Seven previously(More)
This article reviews the literature reporting empirically determined symptom clusters in patients with metastatic cancer. A literature search was conducted on symptom clusters within heterogeneous metastatic cancer patient populations using MEDLINE, EMBASE, and CINAHL. Studies examining predetermined symptom clusters were excluded. A total of eight relevant(More)
OBJECTIVE Breakthrough pain is defined as a transient exacerbation of pain that occurs spontaneously or in response to a trigger despite stable and controlled background pain. The purpose of this study was to explore Canadian patients' awareness of and experience with breakthrough pain in cancer (BTPc). METHODS Four Canadian cancer centers participated in(More)
Mastectomy (MAS) and lumpectomy (LUMP) are the two common local surgical treatments for early breast cancer. There has been a debate whether MAS or LUMP results in better quality of life (QOL). The purpose of this study was to examine the symptom burden (SB) and QOL of both MAS and LUMP patients. Patients at the Louise Temerty Breast Cancer Centre in(More)
PURPOSE Radiation therapy (RT) is an effective method of palliating painful bone metastases and can improve function and reduce analgesic requirements. In advanced cancer patients, quality of life (QOL) is the primary outcome of interest over traditional endpoints such as survival. The purpose of our study was to compare bone metastasis-specific QOL scores(More)
CONTEXT Longitudinal symptom monitoring is important in the setting of patients with advanced cancer. Scores over time may naturally fluctuate, although a patient may feel the same. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to determine the minimal levels of change required to be clinically relevant (minimal clinically important difference [MCID]) using(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to test the reliability, psychometric, and clinical validity of the use of the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy--Brain (FACT-Br) in patients with brain metastases. METHODS Patients with brain metastases were interviewed using the FACT-Br (including the FACT-general) 1 week prior to treatment. All patients completed a(More)
An exploratory strategy was used to investigate why 55% of patients with farmer's lung (FL) disease quit farming. Three groups were recruited: 47 patients with FL disease who quit farming because of the disease (FLq), 76 patients with FL disease who continued farming (FLc), and 123 control farmers without a history of FL disease. The severity of FL disease(More)