G. Bauer

G. Springholz3
R. Kirchschlager2
O. Caha1
A. A. Ünal1
3G. Springholz
2R. Kirchschlager
1O. Caha
1A. A. Ünal
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The main challenge for light-emitting diodes is to increase the efficiency in the green part of the spectrum. Gallium phosphide (GaP) with the normal cubic crystal structure has an indirect band gap, which severely limits the green emission efficiency. Band structure calculations have predicted a direct band gap for wurtzite GaP. Here, we report the(More)
Magnetic doping is expected to open a band gap at the Dirac point of topological insulators by breaking time-reversal symmetry and to enable novel topological phases. Epitaxial (Bi(1-x)Mn(x))2Se3 is a prototypical magnetic topological insulator with a pronounced surface band gap of ∼100 meV. We show that this gap is neither due to ferromagnetic order in the(More)
Dirac fermions in condensed matter physics hold great promise for novel fundamental physics, quantum devices and data storage applications. IV-VI semiconductors, in the inverted regime, have been recently shown to exhibit massless topological surface Dirac fermions protected by crystalline symmetry, as well as massive bulk Dirac fermions. Under a strong(More)
The dependence of the photoluminescence (PL) emission wavelength of SiGe islands embedded into a Si matrix on their Ge concentration and gradient was investigated. Intense PL signals at wavelengths that can be shifted over most of the telecom wavelength range (1.38–1.77 mm) by varying the Ge concentration were observed. Using the structural island(More)
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