G. Battisti

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Cholangiocarcinoma is a devastating cancer of biliary origin with limited treatment options. Symptoms are usually evident after blockage of the bile duct by the tumor, and at this late stage, they are relatively resistant to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Therefore, it is imperative that alternative treatment options are explored. We have previously(More)
The authors after a review of the literature report a case of anterior tibial artery false aneurysm in a seventeen year old male, due to traumatic sprained ankle during a basketball match. Surgical techniques used in repairing the lesion as well as microsurgical technique for the direct suture of the artery, which allowed to resolve the problem, are(More)
The Omniflow biosynthetic prosthesis is made by a polyester net set on a silicon mandrel and planted on the sheep's back in order to from a tube of collagen that is fixed by glutaraldehyde at the moment of removing. This idea comes from the experience made in using glutaraldehyde as biologic fixative employed for the first time in the fixation of the(More)
Fasciola hepatica glutathione S-transferase (FhGST) was isolated from adult worms by glutathione agarose affinity chromatography. SDS-PAGE shows three proteins of M(r) ranging from 29-27.8 kDa. Western immunoblot analyses using SDS-PAGE separated adult worm extracts and probed with a rabbit anti-FhGST antiserum reveal two bands in the same M(r) range. Mice(More)
The authors report a case of juvenile vasculopathy in a homocystinuria patient. They point out that thromboembolism may be the only symptomatic expression of this genetically determined metabolic disease. Diagnostic approach and surgical therapy of the vascular lesions as well as medical therapy to prevent further complications are analysed. The opportunity(More)