G. Basler

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Sixteen of 21 human malignant glial tumors were successfully heterotransplanted into the brains of nude mice, and one other was transplanted into the brain after prior subcutaneous heterotransplantation. Most xenografts grew preferentially as diffusely infiltrating tumors within hemispheric white matter, generally sparing cortex and deep gray matter. The(More)
Seven human brain tumors were transplanted into the brains (6/7 takes) and subcutaneous tissues (7/7 takes) of athymic nude mice. Compared to experimental animal brain tumors, these tumors, taken directly from patients in the operating room and transplanted, grew more slowly in the mice; their growth rates following explant generally paralleled those in the(More)
We used quantitative autoradiography (QAR) to evaluate the effect of systemically administered dexamethasone on capillary permeability in brain tumors and surrounding brain. Rats bearing unilateral right hemispheric C6 gliomas were studied at one and twelve hours after 10 mg/kg of intraperitoneal dexamethasone. Capillary permeability was determined by(More)
Marie Unna congenital hypotrichosis (MUCH) is a rare autosomal dominant condition in which abnormalities are confined to hair shaft structure and hair density. We report a six-generation pedigree consisting of 59 members of whom 16 are affected; nine identified affected individuals are living. Affected individuals are born with adequate, normal to coarse(More)
Using quantitative autoradiography, we investigated the effect of intracarotid infusions of hyperosmolar mannitol solutions on capillary permeability and blood flow. Capillary permeability, expressed in terms of a blood-to-tissue transfer constant (K), was determined in two rat brain tumor models by measuring the entry of 14C-alpha aminoisobutyric acid into(More)
Using quantitative autoradiography, we investigated the entry over 90 min of [14C]methotrexate (MTX) into C6 gliomas implanted bilaterally into Wistar rat brains. The [14C]MTX was administered into the right carotid artery, yielding ipsilateral "arterial" brain and tumor concentrations and contralateral "systemic" concentrations. In a separate group of(More)
BMY-40481-30 is a new, water-soluble derivative and probable prodrug of etoposide characterized by the presence of a phosphate group in position 4' of the E ring of the etoposide molecule. The compound was only weakly cytotoxic in vitro and, consequently, an investigation of its antitumor activity was conducted in several murine and human tumor (xenograft)(More)
Using quantitative autoradiography, we investigated the effect of meningeal carcinomatosis on local cerebral glucose utilization (LCGU). A rat model of meningeal carcinomatosis using Walker 256 tumor was used. LCGU was evaluated using 14C-2-deoxy-D-glucose according to the Sokoloff method. Thirty-one neuroanatomic structures were evaluated, both separately(More)