G. Barisevicius

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The paper presents the design and development of English-Lithuanian-English dictionary-lexicon tool and lexicon database management system for MT. The system is oriented to support two main requirements: to be open to the user and to describe much more attributes of speech parts as a regular dictionary that are required for the MT. Programming language Java(More)
This article overviews the current state of the English-Lithuanian-English machine translation system. The first part of the article describes the problems that system poses today and what actions will be taken to solve them in the future. The second part of the article tackles the main issue of the translation process. Article briefly overviews the word(More)
This paper describes one of the biometric systems-text-independent speaker verification. It discusses the different stages of speaker verification in text-independent systems as well mentioning other systems for speaker verification. Each stage has its subparts, so those parts are discussed as well. The methods for the speaker-verification are displayed in(More)
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