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BACKGROUND This study examines the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in affected and in unaffected siblings from families with haemophilia or beta-thalassaemia. METHOD Based on data derived from a cross-sectional and multi-centre study into the resilience of 115 families with blood disorders. Sociodemographic and developmental data were collected from(More)
One of the most important things to realize about modern Psychiatry is that many factors are involved in the pathogenesis and especially in the evolution of mental diseases. The results of epidemiological research and the development of different schools with separate specializations have shown the importance of extrasubjective factors such as family(More)
We present a model of integrated psychotherapy of schizophrenia. When we do an integrated therapy with a patient, attention must always be directed to the calibration of the interventions which constitute the therapeutic compound. This kind of calibration has to be done by a therapist with an integrative function. Experience and competence are necessary(More)
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