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Friedreich's ataxia (FRDA) is the result of mutations in the nuclear-encoded frataxin gene, which is expressed in mitochondria. Several lines of evidence have suggested that frataxin is involved in mitochondrial iron homeostasis. We have transfected the frataxin gene into lymphoblasts of FRDA compound heterozygotes (FRDA-CH) with deficient frataxin(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Migraine and metabolic syndrome have been reported to coexist to a marked degree, especially in women migraine patients, but the relationship between these two conditions is still unclear. This study was performed to evaluate the association of headache characteristics and its comorbidities with metabolic syndrome (MetS) and its(More)
A compact time-of-flight mass spectrometer with overall dimension of about 413 × 250 × 414 mm based on orthogonal injection and angle reflection has been developed for ion source characterization. Configuration and principle of the time-of-flight mass spectrometer are introduced in this paper. The mass resolution is optimized to be about 1690 (FWHM), and(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Identification of the trigger factors of headache could be an important aspect of preventive management, but the characteristics of primary headache triggers in China are unknown. This study was performed to estimate the frequencies of the putative headache triggers, which are endorsed by patients with migraine and tension-type(More)
BACKGROUND Malaria remains a serious public health problem with significant morbidity and mortality. This study was conducted to identify whether ficolin-A could play an active role of against malaria infection. METHODS The function of ficolin-A was analyzed in mouse model. The open reading frame of ficolin-A was cloned from the liver of new born C57BL/6(More)
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