G B Pyrinova

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The data presented demonstrate that 3'-azido-2',3'-dideoxythymidine 5'-triphosphate [dTTP (3N3)] specifically inhibits reverse transcription of viral RNA in the endogenous retroviral A-type particles isolated from the rat liver. The inhibitory action of dTTP (3N3) is concerned the termination of DNA synthesis obviously due to the incorporation of this(More)
Reverse transcriptase activity was found in rat liver enclosed in virus-like particles. Through hybridization with DNA probes of A- and C-type retroviruses and with the help of electron microscopy the virus-like particles have been identified as endogenous retroviruses related to the mouse intracisternal A-particles. Blot hybridization revealed the provirus(More)
The effects of exogenous RNA on the poly(A).oligo(dT)-dependent DNA-polymerase activity of factor and factor-free carcinomas of the mammary gland of C3H mice and Ehrlich ascite carcinoma were studied. It was shown that after intraparenteral injection of the RNA the enzyme activity is increased in the oncornavirus-containing carcinomas and remains unchanged(More)
RNA-dependent DNA-polymerase activity was found in the 165 000 g supernatant and pellet of the postmitochondrial rat liver fraction. Further fractionation of the 165 000 g pellet in the linear sucrose gradient (20-50%) showed that RNA-dependent DNA-polymerase activity was distributed between fractions with densities 1.18-1.19 g/ml and 1.09-1.1 g/ml. In the(More)
The RNA-dependent DNA-polymerase activity was studied in the postmicrosomal fraction and in the microsomal sediment of the liver of the newborn and adult Wistar rats. In the microsomal sediment of 4-6 day old rats the RNA-dependent DNA-polymerase activity was approximately by one order of magnitude higher than in that of 2 week old and adult rats. In the(More)
The thymidine derivatives araAzT, dTTP(3'N3), TTP(3'NH2), and araTTP(3'N3), were studied as inhibitors of the reverse transcription taking place within endogenous retroviral A-type particles, where retroviral RNAs served as templates and primers, dTTP(3'N3) was shown to be the most efficient inhibitor of retroviral particle reverse transcription.(More)
Previously virus-like particles (VLP) with properties resembling retroviruses were isolated from the liver of Wistar rats. Molecular hybridization and CRIA test were used for further analysis of the VLP. The CRIA method showed that VLP preparation lacked antigenic determinants of the major internal protein of C-type virus. By the dot hybridization technique(More)
RNA-dependent DNA-polymerase was isolated from rat liver, and its characteristics were studied. Wistar rat livers were homogenized in the disruptive buffer, centrifuged at 100,000 g and the supernatant was freed of the nucleic acids by DEAE-cellulose (DE-23) chromatography. The further chromatography of the eluate on DEAE-cellulose (DE-52) and(More)
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