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Human papillomaviruses (HPV) may cause sexually transmitted disease. High-risk types of HPV are involved in the development of cervical cell dysplasia, whereas low-risk types may cause genital condyloma. Despite the association between HPV and cancer, donor sperm need not be tested for HPV according to European regulations. Consequently, the potential(More)
The alignment of homologous sequences with each other and their display has proved a difficult task, despite a frequent requirement for this process. HOMED enables related sequences to be edited and listed in parallel with each other. The editor function uses a full screen editor which emulates the text editors KED and EDT (on PDP-11 and VAX-11(More)
Scanning tunneling microscopy was used to investigate the structure of the two-dimensional adsorbate formed by molecular self-assembly of the purine base, adenine, on the surfaces of the naturally occurring mineral molybdenite and the synthetic crystal highly oriented pyrolytic graphite. Although formed from adenine, which is achiral, the observed adsorbate(More)
Putative two-dimensional coding systems can be constructed from aqueous solutions of purine and pyrimidine nucleic acid bases evaporated at moderate temperatures on the surfaces of inorganic solids. The resultant structures are monolayers which are formed spontaneously by molecular self-assembly and they have been observed with molecular resolution by(More)
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