G B Morozov

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We developed a method for synchronous registration of electrical activity of the myometrium in pregnant rabbit females and electrocardiograms of the female and fetus on a paper tape and on PC in the online mode using an original pickup for registration of intrauterine pressure in awaken animals in a natural (sitting) posture. The method causes no pregnancy(More)
A device automatically regulating the intensity of heating when simulating the metabolism level in the rabbit heat-physical model, was compared with the similar results obtained in live rabbits. The results coinciding quite well, the findings suggest that the model's behaviour is quite adequate in experiments with profound cooling.
The experiments studied the role of differently located transducers in the thermoregulation system operation: in the centre and in periphery of the rabbit body model. The central contour was shown to maintain the model temperature within given limits. The peripheral contour did not respond at all to a threshold change of the body heat condition.
Arrest of respiration and heart activity in new-born rats aged 3-4 days and 10-11 days was shown to occur at a body temperature 6-7 degrees C and 2-3 degrees C lower than in adult rats, resp. At room temperature the body temperature of profoundly cooled rat's litter gradually increases and the functions are restored. In 3-4-day old rats, at the body(More)
Immersion of the rabbit body model in water of 4 degrees C temperature induced fast cooling of the model even though the heater of the model was 3-fold more powerful than the respective heat-production mechanism in a live rabbit. Only 10-11-fold more powerful heat production was able to keep the model temperature about 37 degrees C.