G B Mekonnen

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Results confirm most other research on milk composition and yield. All responses were affected by climate, some considerably more than others, if percent of error variance is the criterion. Jersey yields were less sensitive to climate than were Holstein, but Jersey milk composition appeared more sensitive. Somatic cell count (REF), a measure of mastitis,(More)
An InP-based monolithic integrated photoreceiver with a bandwidth of 27 GHz is presented. The device consists of a waveguide fed pin-photodiode and a traveling wave amplifier with coplanar waveguides based on four InAlAs/InGaAs/InP-HFET. The integration concept, receiver design, fabrication process and characterization are shown. The presented concept(More)
Composite monthly single-day milk samples from the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station dairy herd 1959 to 1974 were analyzed for composition. Data were 22, 972 observations on five dairy breeds, but major statistical analyses were limited to Jerseys and Holsteins. Minimum relative humidity and maximum and minimum temperatures on day of evening sample(More)
Packaging is a major problem at millimetre-wave frequencies approaching 100 GHz. In this paper we present that insertion losses in a multi-chip module (MCM) can be less IL <0.6 dB at 100 GHz. The paper also analyzes in detail resonance modes in the packages. The characteristic of conductor-backed coplanar waveguides (CBCPWs) with vias is accurately(More)
Steady- and transient-state simulations of groundwater flow and particle movement in the sub-watershed of the river Labe in Děčín town was carried out using Visual MODFLOW software. The simulations were performed for calibration and for the scenarios that the change in the water level of the river Labe was undergoing. Steady-state simulation was carried out(More)
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