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MRL/MP-lpr/lpr (MRL/lpr) mice develop a spontaneous autoimmune disease. Serum from these mice contained significantly higher concentrations of nitrite/nitrate than serum from age-matched control MRL/MP-+/+ (MRL/+), BALB/c or CBA/6J mice. Spleen and peritoneal cells from MRL/lpr mice also produced significantly more nitric oxide (NO) than those from the(More)
Human glomerular capillary tufts were removed by microdissection and scanning electron microscopy was used to examine the surface of the capillary tuft and the interior of its Bowman's capsule in order to identify connections between the tuft and capsule. Glomeruli were examined in histologically normal renal cortex from 12 kidneys removed for tumour and 12(More)
OBJECTIVE Cerebral aneurysms of an infectious etiology, so-called "mycotic" aneurysms, are rare neurovascular pathologies. Primary treatment may be targeted on the aneurysm, but care has to be driven by the underlying pathology to prevent an often fatal clinical course with a mortality rate reaching 90%. 2 case reports are presented, and the diagnostic and(More)
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