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The genome of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana has been sequenced by an international collaboration, The Arabidopsis Genome Initiative. Here we report the complete sequence of chromosome 5. This chromosome is 26 megabases long; it is the second largest Arabidopsis chromosome and represents 21% of the sequenced regions of the genome. The sequence of(More)
MOTIVATION Gene networks that provide the regulation of physiological processes are the basic feature of organisms. Information regarding the regulation of gene expression and signal transduction pathways is increasing rapidly. However, the information is hard to formalize and systematize. Ways and means for automated visualization of the gene networks(More)
We describe a computational approach for finding genes that are functionally related but do not possess any noticeable sequence similarity. Our method, which we call SNAP (similarity-neighborhood approach), reveals the conservation of gene order on bacterial chromosomes based on both cross-genome comparison and context information. The novel feature of this(More)
GeneExpress system has been designed to integrate description, analysis, and recognition of eukaryotic regulatory sequences. The system includes 5 basic units: (1) GeneNet contains an object-oriented database for accumulation of data on gene networks and signal transduction pathways and a Java-based viewer that allows an exploration and visualization of the(More)
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