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Studies of the origin of bioactive metabolites of marine actinomycetes are reviewed. Structures and properties of new metabolites from indigenous marine bacteria from Actinomycetales order, such as a benzanthraquinone antibiotic from a strain of the Chainia purpurogena, istamycins, aplasmomycins, altemicidin, new phenazine esters. C13-butanolide, marinone(More)
Amino acid sequence of neurotoxin II isolated from the sea anemone Radianthus macrodactylus was determined by analysis of peptides obtained after its digestion with trypsin and staphylococcal proteinase. It is shown that the polypeptide chain of the toxin consists of 48 amino acid residues, including six cysteines.
Amino acid sequences of neurotoxins RTX-IV and RTX-V isolated from the sea anemone Radianthus macrodactylus were determined by the automated Edman degradation; their polypeptide chains consist of 48 and 47 amino acid residues, respectively. For identification of tryptophan-30 in toxin RTX-IV, its trypsin and chymotrypsin digests were investigated. Amino(More)
Materials characterizing immunostimulating activity of a polysaccharide fraction isolated from two lines of the ginseng tissue culture are presented. It was shown that under the drug action, the effector functions of polymorphonuclear leukocytes and macrophages activated.
The effect of toxin from sea anemone Homostichantus duerdemi (HTX-1) on the inward sodium current was studied on the isolated neurons of spinal ganglia of a rat. The experiments were carried out under conditions of voltage clamp and intracellular perfusion at 20 degree C. HTX-1, when added to the extracellular solution, slowed down the inactivation process(More)
A competitive ELISA using the intact toxin as a coating antigen for detecting palytoxin was developed. This immunoassay allows palytoxin (PTX) to be determined in the range of 6-250 ng/ml. In sensitivity, this determination is comparable with RIA but is three times inferior to ELISA using monoclonal antibodies. Inhibition experiments using some toxins of(More)