G. B. Advani

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By systematic sampling of households after two stage proportionate random sampling of villages, a total of 4670 persons above 15 years of age were selected from the rural areas of Ajmer district in Rajasthan, India, to estimate the prevalence rate of alcohol abuse and to study its socio-demographic correlates (Part I) and the pattern and characteristics of(More)
The influence of stressful life events and coping strategies was studied in 50 depressed and 50 non-depressed persons. It was observed that depressives experienced significantly more stressful life events and were also using significantly more avoidance coping strategies as compared to their non-depressed counterparts. The moderate and severely depressed(More)
A case of Insulinoma is presented here because of the uncommon and peculiar clinical manifestation in the form of fits of unconsciousness with bizzare movements of limbs, which were considered to be due to Conversion Reaction and treated as such for a period of two years without any success. She recovered and was relieved of symptoms after surgery.
This part of the study dealt with the analysis of the characteristics of alcohol users. About 50% of both male and female users were between 20 and 39 years of age; 8.1% of males and only 1.3% of females used alcohol daily or several times in a week. Desi (country) liquor was the beverage used by more than 85% of the users; 77.5% of males and 96.5% of(More)
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