G. Arun Kumar

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Tumors of the head and neck present aggressive pathological behavior in patients due to high expression of CDK/CCND1 proteins. P276-00, a novel CDK inhibitor currently being tested in clinic, inhibits growth of several cancers in vitro and in vivo. The pre clinical activity of P276-00 in head and neck cancer and its potential mechanisms of action at(More)
The microprocessors are used for executing instructions by fetching from memory. The processor interact with other peripherals, it requires additional circuitry .This makes system complexity ,requires large area and high power consumption .To overcome this problem the microprocessor itself capable to handle peripherals up to its limit. This feature comes in(More)
For all intents and purposes, craniofacial development is initiated as soon as the anteroposterior axis of an embryo is established. Although the neural crest receives a significant amount of attention, craniofacial tissue has more patterning information than other tissues of the body. New studies have further clarifi ed the contribution of ciliary(More)
The paper proposes a two player game based strategy for resource allocation in service computing domain such as cloud, grid etc. The players are modeled as demand/workflows for the resource and represent multiple types of qualitative and quantitative factors. The proposed strategy will classify them in two classes. The proposed system would forecast outcome(More)
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