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The first observation to the authors' knowledge of electromagnetic surface waves in a two-dimensional dielectric crystal is reported. By using the coherent microwave transient spectroscopy technique, surface waves are shown to exist at frequencies within the photonic band gap for certain lattice terminations. Energy at gigahertz frequencies is coupled into(More)
launched at the input of the strip line z s 0 , which is assumed to be long enough so that only forward traveling waves and no reflections are present on the line. Under these Ž. conditions, the propagated signal V t, z at an arbitrary point Ž. z along the line can be evaluated from V t, 0 and line Ž. Ž. parameters Z with the propagation coefficient ␥ f s ␣(More)
Cross-correlation widths of 2.2 psec between picosecond pulses at two wavelengths have been observed with a double-mode-locked dye laser. This was achieved after careful optimization and stabilization of the laser. The jitter in the laser output is deduced to be about 0.3 psec. The jitter in the round-trip time was also measured and foundto be about 0.3(More)
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