G Angela Massmann

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Epidemiologic studies have yielded controversial information regarding an association between antenatal steroid administration and elevations in arterial blood pressure (BP). The aim of the study was to determine whether antenatal administration of a clinically relevant dose of steroids at a time when fetal nephrogenesis is at its highest results in(More)
The aim of this study was to characterize the effect of estrogen on the expression of neuronal and endothelial isoforms of nitric oxide (NO) synthase (NOS) in myometrium, endometrium, and caruncle (nonglandular endometrium) in nonpregnant sheep. Twenty sheep were castrated during synchronized estrus (Days 14-16) and 4 days after surgery treated i.v. through(More)
Antenatal steroid administration is associated with alterations in fetal kidney development and hypertension. However, a causal relationship between nephron deficit and hypertension has not been established. In this study, we measured nephron number, renal function, and blood pressure in sheep exposed antenataly to betamethasone. Pregnant sheep were given 2(More)
OBJECTIVES The controversy regarding potential long-term side effects of antenatal steroid administration for accelerating fetal lung maturation is still unresolved despite more than 30 years of experience. Studies in animals have demonstrated that administration of glucocorticoids during pregnancy alters renal expression of several key regulatory molecules(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to characterize nitric oxide synthase activity in endometrium and myometrium of nonpregnant sheep and to determine whether estrogen administration affects uterine nitric oxide synthase activity. STUDY DESIGN Nonpregnant sheep were castrated during synchronized estrus and 4 days after surgery were treated with 100(More)
We have shown that 5 days of mild hypoxia has significant effects on fetal ECoG activity, heart rate and blood pressure. We now studied if mild prolonged hypoxemia had an adverse effect on the fetal cardiovascular and neural responses to repeated cord occlusion and on the magnitude of neuronal damage. Fetal and maternal catheters were placed at 120 days'(More)
OBJECTIVES Atosiban is a synthetic oxytocin antagonist that is currently undergoing dose-ranging clinical trials. To date, no data are available on the cardiovascular effects of combined oxytocin and vasopressin blockade during late pregnancy. Our aims were (1) to determine the effects of atosiban infusion on the maternal and fetal cardiovascular system and(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effects of prolonged mild hypoxemia on fetal brain electrocorticogram (ECoG) in late gestation. STUDY DESIGN Fetal and maternal catheters were placed under general anesthesia and animals allocated at random to receive intratracheal maternal administration of either nitrogen (n = 8) or compressed air (n = 8). Five days after surgery(More)
Type I NOS (nNOS) catalytic activity represents the activity of full-size protein and truncated protein variants originated from many different spliced mRNA variants. Splice mRNA variants are thought to be important in determining the differential organ and subcellular expression of Type I NOS. The present study was directed to increase our understanding of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to characterize the biochemical and expression profiles of the nitric oxide synthase isoforms present in the sheep uterus during late gestation. STUDY DESIGN Myometrium and endometrium were obtained from 28 time-mated pregnant sheep that were under halothane general anesthesia. Tissues were kept frozen at -80 degrees C(More)